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Sugar with Coffee

I put sugar in my coffee, a little higher than normal. Ok, who am I kidding. I put a lot of sugar in my coffee. Actually my coffee sometimes becomes so so sweet that I can’t drink more than half a cup. But that is how I like my coffee, extra concentrated and extra sweet.
One of my health frantic ex-colleague used to silently watch me ‘pour’ sugar in to my bitter coffee, and used to shake his head with disapproval while telling me “Very very Unhealthy.That is more than 200 calories in one single cup of coffee, are you planning to not eat your lunch today?”
There are people who tell me that what I am drinking is not coffee, ‘why drink coffee if you want to hide the real flavor under tea spoons of sugar?’, they would ask me.
As a result, I had stopped making my special coffee in public, I do it after I make sure no one is around.

Since I have moved on to a new job, things have become easier.People here barely know me and they just go on with their business and seem to be too busy to give a damn about too much sugar in anyone’s coffee.

This morning there was a health screening in my office.It was mandatory and if not taken would have resulted in a 40 dollar extra cut from my paycheck every month. I had my appointment at 10:30 and had almost forgot about it.As usual I had my morning coffee and was browsing my emails when the reminder popped up on my screen.

As soon as I reached the hallway where the lab technicians waited, I realized that they were going to draw my blood.I assumed it would only be the pressure/bmi checks which was so lame of me.The technician was drawing my blood when I asked her what all would they be checking.She told me it was for cholesterol and blood sugar. I nodded my head casually and suddenly it hit me.Blood sugar? I mean I just had a cup of sugar, sorry I mean coffee. I confessed to her with widely open eyes.Just one cup? She inquired and I nodded.She told me that it should be fine and my blood sugar level up to a 140 should be fine since I had taken a cup of coffee.I should have fasted for at least 8 hours before the test, but its fine she told me with a smile.Did she know how much sugar I had taken in that single cup? I hope my readings are not alarmingly high and that I would not be asked to cut back on sugar.

I can imagine a world without coffee, but I can’t imagine a coffee without sugar. So may be I would stop drinking coffee if at all they found me to be diabetic?

Ah….I guess I need to revisit my eating and drinking(*drinking as in drinking coffee….:)) habits.I am getting old after all, thirty is just two years away.


5 thoughts on “Sugar with Coffee

  1. Though I have a very big sweet tooth and devour sweets to the extent I am afraid I would be diagnosed of diabetics in near future, strangely I like my coffee and tea with less than normal sugar. I can drink sugar-less tea/coffee but can’t have a second sip of sugary tea/coffee 🙂 am weird 🙂
    All the best for you test results!

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