The silent witness


Tempers flew ,the man held his fists tight. He was infuriated and to his dismay she kept talking.He shouted at her to make her stop.
The woman raised her voice yet again, her spiteful words rang clear in his ears.
The man, in his rage, kicked the door.The door closed with a bang.
The woman felt this insulting to the core and grabbed him by his collar.
That was more than enough to challenge his manliness .He pushed her with force. She fell on the floor, her head hit against the wall.She moaned in pain. The man was starting to feel remorseful, until that moment when a shoe flew over and hit his face.
He shook with anger, his tongue unleashed all the obscenities that he knew, his hand found the nearest chair and he threw it at her.She ducked.Her ego did not allow her to remain mum, she too had to shower insults on him.Her voice croaked with emotions, she felt hurt, her eyes welled up.The man grabbed her by her shoulders and shook her.She reacted by shoving him backwards.
They fought like animals, crossing all the boundaries of civility.
But one thing they didn’t know was that they were being watched.
A pair of tiny little eyes alarmingly witnessed their savage exchanges through the half opened door.Only if they had turned  and paused to fathom the depth of horror and pain unveiling in those brown little eyes……….

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


20 thoughts on “The silent witness

  1. Lovely take on the prompt highlighting the menace of domestic violence that is so prevalent in India today and the fact that innocent kids’ minds are permanently affected due to being witnesses to it.

  2. Great take on the prompt. 🙂 Children are gravely affected by watching such domestic violence…sadly it affects their thinking amd their future relationships. Happy diwali 🙂

  3. Your description of the fights made me a bit scared. Children should not be exposed to physical fights and verbal abuses which makes them very insecure . The adults should realize this and keep their fights to limits of decency.well written post.

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