The forgotten path to enlightening!!

The God was in a creative mood. He felt great after he made one species after the other. He gave himself a pat..that really was an awesome job.

In reality, the God was getting a little bored with his very first creations, the angels.Not that he did not love them. In fact, they were the most perfect creatures that he had ever created, but not without a fair share of flaws. They never changed, redundant and predictable they were. They never dreamed, they never shared his sense of humor,they did not want to know more about anything…They just were self sufficient and content and all of them more or less looked the same.

Angels resembled him closely as far as their physical traits and powers were concerned, though he was hesitant to embed the myriads of feelings and senses in to them.They could experience only the basic feelings.But there were far too many shades that they were denied  , after all extreme power and vulnerable feelings did not sound a good combination.

So the God decided to try on creating lesser beings, with a little more variety and flexibility.In each of them he put a trait of himself, some very minor,some a little obvious.He created the earth, which represented the circle of life.He created the oceans, to symbolize his vastness.He created the land,to keep the hope alive.Then he proceeded to create small forms of life, carving minute details.The process gave him immense satisfaction, it was not like the cloning process that he had followed in the case of angels.Here he started with the basic forms and evolved in to more complex hues, learning and experiencing new things in the process.

He thought he had done it all…from giant whales to microscopic viruses.But then he refused to embed into them the relative immortality that the angels enjoyed.These creatures would die, eventually,not leaving a trace of their existence.To compensate this he gave them a power which he had not bestowed the angels with. The power to reproduce,to evolve, the power to decide who is to survive and who is to perish,to power to decide their destinies and future.

He left them to flourish on earth and then sat back in the comforts of heaven to watch the game, to see how they changed, and experienced the miracles of his own creations.

But in the back of his mind, God was still disturbed. He thought he never made his master piece.What if he combined the traits of these earthly beings and the angels?
An immortal soul wrapped up in the cover of mortality? And the wrap of mortality will let them experience hues of all the feelings ever known to him.It would induce an element of change to the stone like trait of immortality.Ah…what a novel idea..he mused.

But he was skeptical.Will that work out?How can he put his idea to work? So he thought, wondered for days, months,years and centuries all together.

And in the end he set to work.He worked for a long long time. The angels wondered what he was doing in his den, the only place in heaven they were denied entry.

But they were not bothered.He must be wearing his creative hat yet again to make some earthly being, they told each other and went about their business.After all ,they were so sure that no other creation would live up to their perfection.

After a long time, the God came out of his den and with him brought two earthly looking beings, which closely resembled each other, but were different at the same time.
The God look so happy and he called up all the angels to show off his latest piece of work.

“Children..I have created a new race today, the idea that was pestering me for years has taken it’s final shape”

Idea that pestered him for days?Huh..these creatures did not look anything extra ordinary. The angels did not even find them pretty.They looked no different from the complexly evolved earthly beings that walked on two legs!Yes the features where more refined and fine, but that was it, what was so special about them.

The wise God sensed their confusion and smiled.
“Children…don’t let the wrap of this physical body deceive you..look within them…”

And then they saw and their mouths popped open.

It was the most complex and beautiful thing that they have ever seen. Housed in that ordinary body was the most perfect thing ever known to them, prettier than themselves in it’s own way,with many incomprehensible traits.

“What is this Father” raised a murmur within the angels.

The God gave another smile.”This is the human soul.The being which is a fusion of Mortality and immortality.The soul as you can see for yourself is as immortal as you and me.The body on the other had is mortal.This body, like all other earthly beings, will go through the phases of infancy,youth, old age and will eventually perish, but the soul will survive the loss. After the loss of mortal body, it can choose house yet another one, immediately or after a phase of dormancy, but in the process carrying the lessons learnt from the previous lives.The soul will itself evolve in the process , and become more complex and enlightened.The enlightenment that would shape over a course of re-births will make them the reflection of myself,the highest position that they can attain.Another God, my equal”

The humans nodded solemnly, with a calm smile spread on their face.The angels look at each other, horrified.How could their father do this to them?How could he create something better than themselves?How could he give it the power to evolve in to another God? and how would those Gods treat them? As slave? Oh…the mighty father had indeed betrayed their love and trust!!

Most of the angels, accepted the fact with dismay and pretended to be happy for their father.

But there were a few others whose insides boiled at this unfairness. they expressed their discontent and walk away in protest.

The God was considerably pained by their reaction.But he thought it is merely a sibling rivalry, it will pass.

But it did not.The attention that the God showered on his new creations did not help to improve the situation.
The rebels started secretly meeting.They wanted to somehow show those human souls their place, which in their mind was far below the ones they held.The wanted the God to hate the new beings and condemn them to destruction.They wanted to regain their positions in the heaven.

The leader of the rebels was an angel with a strong personality-Lucifer.He was secretly amazed with what the God had told, about the soul evolving and getting enlightened to be another God.If these meager newbies can become another God, why can’t the mighty leader of the angels become one, he mused!
The discontent among the rebels became more prominent and they hatched a plan. The first step was to outcast the humans from the heaven.

“If they are allowed to know God and given a chance to live before him, they will attain the feat in a shorter span of time.We have to push them down to the earth.There, their mortal bodies might eventually perish and this will deny the immortal soul a chance to start their journey again.They can never attain the perfection of divinity”

“They should be denied the luxury of knowing the truths and wisdom they had acquired from their previous lives, that will make their transition a little more delayed.They should not know about the heights they are willed attain.this would render their power useless”

“We should constantly work to distract them from their goal.The father had made them with vulnerable emotions, that is their strength he said, but we will make it their greatest weakness”

“They should never know the real God when in their mortal wraps.We should make them fight amongst themselves.We should destroy them”

In the end Lucifer came up with a plan, it was mislead the humans to tread into God’s forbidden Den which housed all his secrets, unknown even to the angels.

The rebels began their job.And the plan worked out perfectly.
One day when The God was away for a moment, the human souls carefully trespassed into the forbidden arena, tempted by Lucifer’s promise of the ultimate secret of enlightenment being hidden in there, that would make their journey easier.

As soon as they entered the Den, the whole heaven shook like it never had.A shade of crimson engulfed the horizons. The lands on the earth broke apart and the oceans roared.The God was indeed infuriated.

He felt the pain of betrayal.How could these creatures, on whom he had showered unusual love do this to him? Was he wrong to shape them up the way they were? If they could be tempted this easily and if they could wave away from their promises, did they deserve to be his equals? If they are so eager to take the shortest paths and not realize the power of evolution , how can they satisfy the obligations of being a God?
He had no other choice but to cast the humans down to the earth and in the fury cursed them to “Forget the whole purpose of their life ”

They did not deserve the final enlightenment if they could not even remember the basic rule of heaven.

And thus they were thrown down to the earth. the rebels rejoiced!

After the initial anger had passed, the God was in unfathomable pain.Fury blinds even the mighty God. When he was calm enough he could see through the plans of the rebels and could guess what lied in store for his favorite creations.He did feel a tiny glitch of guilt and.Yes, the actions of the Humans could never be justified, they were not built to be weak willed.But they were young, what were they against the manipulation of the angels with immense power?How can one sole party be condemned by a crime done by two?And then he made his decision, a very difficult one, a very dangerous one, he knew.

“Lucifer” He addressed the rebel leader.”What you did to your siblings was not fair.I , being the God, cannot take a partial decision.So to be fair to my out cast children I here by deny the luxury of heaven to you and all your followers who conspired against my will”

Ah….the decision of the God came unexpected and was unplanned for.The fallen angels asked for mercy. but the God would not budge.

And from then the Humans forgot their real purpose of life, the path to enlightenment.When caged in their mortal bodies, they became worse than any other earthly being, fighting for material gains, blinded by selfishness, making their path to become equal to their creator eternally long.They never realized how special they were, that each one of them had the potential within them to become one mighty God.

And the fallen angels, how could I describe their fury against the human race and the God himself?They wanted their revenge against the unfairness the humans had subjected them to, and started working tediously to tempt them, distract them further and to ensure their failure.This would show the God who was greater and who actually deserved to be his equal!

Lucifer anointed himself as an equal to God and began a parallel judgement system.He forced the humans to judge each other and there by succeeded in eroding the harmony and trust amongst them to a great extend.

The God , of course was heart broken. But he was powerless to help and watched with growing sorrow this eternal battle between his creations. He could only show them the way, he could not force them to follow the path.But then he did give signs and clues to help his children and continued to love them all, the broken humans and the fallen angels alike. His creations enforced the truth that the creator was far from being perfect.He often wondered if he was a failed God?

In spite of these, a few human  souls did manage to evolve, they did manage to free themselves from the curse and remember their purpose.With their gained wisdom , they shouted to their fellow beings about what their real purpose was.But their voices mostly went unheard or were interpreted wrong, the fallen angels saw to that.

The battle still goes on and I wonder how it would end!!


2 thoughts on “The forgotten path to enlightening!!

  1. Liked, your version of the Genesis.Or was it just paraphrased of the original? 😛 I have never read the original,only know it through the popular stories.

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