The Injustice

Every once in a while I would catch her turning the pages of my books,her hands longingly caressing the pages.
She would quickly put it away when ever she spotted me.As if the mere action of touching a book is a forbidden luxury.
I would avert my glance, my chest constricting in guilt!
Then I would feel an overwhelming compulsion to  enlighten her about the greatest injustice that the world is bestowing upon her, by denying her the little joys of childhood, even the basic right of education!!
The moment would pass, and the unspoken words would hang around mocking my non existent conscience!
This post is written for  -100 Words on Saturday – Week 6 – Write Tribe

14 thoughts on “The Injustice

    1. I don’t remember, but my mother tells me that the maid who looked after me in my pre k days was only around 13-14 and she would be thrilled to go through my books and learn along with me….Its a tragedy which we all conveniently ignore right?like closing our eyes and pretending it’s dark..thanks for stopping by Ruchira!!

  1. I believe that it is not the number of words that matters, but how long you walk with the writer, taking the role of the character he/she has created. I have read a lot of columns on this topic..but these 100 words moved me more than all those long ones.
    Thanks for this post.

  2. Awesome take on the prompt, using just a 100 word post to convey the important message of educating all the girls of our country, mindblowing…

  3. Yes, that guilt is the mother of all guilt.
    When younger my mother had employed a girl to help around the house. I protested one day; when she told me that is she doesn’t keep her, someone else will. In our house we never made her work hard, she got good food and we taught her too. But within 6 months her family came to know and they came to take her. She was taken away and put somewhere else. And that was the end of her education 😦

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