A weary dream was haunting my soul

“Forget it”, commanded the world whole!!

“It’s not going to be a dreamy lope

Don’t get lost in the realms of extinct hope

Get a grip of the cruel realities

Arm yourself for world’s brutalities!!”


 Yet my soul didn’t surrender the dream she sought

She was a dreamer and a fighter,or so she thought!

“I would never give up”, was her will

She believed she had the strength, the skill!!

 But the world had to keep her in confines

To not let her wander in their forbidden plains!!

“She has to pause

To accept her flaws!!

How can she stray?

Defy the mighty rules and have her way?

Lest she refuses to heed,

Make her bend her knees and bow her head

This is no place for a nomad

This is not anyone’s land

This is a battle ground

And there is a race to win, profound”

She was forced to pretend

And was denied the mere chance to defend!!


Ah…what was she against the world’s displease?

She had to bow her head and bend her knees!!

The little fight that she waged

Was cruelly mocked and rampaged!

Her dream was demolished by force

She was left vacant and coarse

She lost her purpose and glow

She lost her life’s spirit and flow

She no longer willed to dream

She never dared to beam

Danced to the tunes of the world, she did

In her failures she hid!


The bitter lies left her guarded and scared

Her wings were broken and charred 

She never dared to fly again

She learned to endure all the pain 

She retreated to the comfort of thoughtlessness

She found solace in her numbness

In those nights when she thought of her past

About the dreams that never did last

She pitied her inert existence

And laughed at her lack of resistance.

Those made her cringe with shame

That set her ego aflame!!

But she so forgot her own strengths

That she never again dared to go great lengths

Does she still have a hope of restitution?

Or does she wait for a final evolution?
The one that would give her the key

The one which would empower her to be free

To break away from the masters of the world

To retaliate against all the insults hurled?



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