My Life

A forgotten poem

My mother had a cousin.

I have not seen him, he had died before I was born. I have heard that he was a man of great talent.

In his younger days , he had a dream job with a prestigious firm and was the chief confidant of the company founder.He was the subject of envy of the whole community, my mother recollects. My mother fondly recalls how his arrival at their family home was nothing less than a celebration and how he used to bring gifts without fail for all his younger cousins.

The first time my mother and her cousins went for a movie was when he  took them. The best dresses that they had were the one that he had bought.He was the apple of their eyes and their role model, the one all their parents wanted them to be like when they grew up.

But then , this guy eventually slipped down in his life. He became an alcohol addict  and soon metamorphosed from being the role model to a failed drunkard. My mother herself doesn’t know the reason behind his might fall for certain and he still remains one of the greatest tragedy that our family tree has witnessed

He was rumored to be a poet, I don’t know how true this is.But there is one piece of poetry , which I love , is believed to be his and  is quite famous amongst us cousins

“മിന്നാമിനുങ്ങതു പീലിയല്ല 

കാറ്റിൻറെ ഊത്താണതു വേണുവല്ല 

കൂരിരുട്ടാണതു കൃഷ്ണനല്ല

നിനച്ചതെല്ലാം പിഴയായി രാധേ”

which roughly translates into

“It is a firefly, not the peacock feather

It is the whisper of the winds, not the tune of the flute

It is the darkness, not the dark Krishna himself

All your hopes and thoughts were pointless, Radha*!!”

I am not sure if this uncle of mine wrote the above poetry, but in my mind these lines are etched against his name. I haven’t even seen his photo and am clueless of what he looks like or what kind of person he was, other than the accounts from my mother and aunts. But all my personal diaries, right from my childhood, through my teenage days and even today has their first page proudly showing off these four lines of long forgotten poetry.

*As per Hindu Mythology, Krishna is supposed to be an incarnation of God Vishnu. Radha was the lover of Krishna, during the initial days he spend as a cow herd in Vrindavan. More about Radha and Krishna can be read here.


6 thoughts on “A forgotten poem

  1. I don’t know whether he was a poet or never heard these beautiful lines. Rest of the story is correct. I remember, a Hero Pen and 3D scale, he gifted me. He was very generous. Your description about him brought tears in my eyes. He was a victim of the family feud. His own people made him an alcoholic by spreading wrong stories about his wife and son. Look at his son, he had grown to resemble exactly like him.

      1. I am sure it was not true. It can not be true. It must not be true. The lies took away the hero in your story. It was only part of the family feud. People can go to any extend to damage others.

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