My funny side

My blogging addiction

What is with this Blogging huh??

Two days back I woke up at 5 am, and that was one whole hour before my alarm clock went off.

Are you wondering what is so amazing about this?

Well, that is because you don’t know me.

I am such a late riser, I have not woke up before 6-6:30 even on the day of a very important exam. On my wedding day, my mother had to shake me violently to wake me up.I don’t remember a single instance in my life where I had willingly woken up this early(except on those jet lagged days)

But then I woke up at 5 am , with out the aid of an alarm and I was feeling very pious and elegant.

You might have guessed why I got up, yes there was this  post that I had left half finished and that was bugging me the whole night.

So I woke up, completed the post, read it two times and hit publish.

Ahhh..what a serene moment! I felt as if something heavy was lifted out of my stomach.

Is this addiction? You don’t think so ? Then may be you should read a little further!!

I check my blog stats at least 50(at least, not at the most) times a day

I am always thinking of something to write.

All that time I used to spend watching movies or sitcoms, now I spend writing or reading blogs.

I have already have 4 completed short stories in my drafts, but I have not hit publish because I fear that people will start thinking I have no other work.

My friends have started asking me how am I finding  time for all this writing when I have a full time job and a 3 year old kid.

My husband has threatened to file domestic abuse against me  as I am bugging him to read my posts all the time.

My little daughter clearly knows what I am up to and asks me “Amma, you blogging….??” when ever she sees me sitting huddled in front of the laptop.

I might get fired in the near future because I can’t resist the temptation to read the posts from other bloggers or refresh my site stats  during my work hours.

And most embarrassingly I see dreams in which my posts get infinite likes and comments…

Pfffffffff…do you think it’s time to take a break?

Every body was happy and well before I started blogging. Everybody (minus my husband) is happy and well after I started blogging.Everybody will continue to be happy and well even when I stop blogging.

Does it make a difference at all?

But then it does, it makes a great difference to one person. That person being me.

It is a kind of satisfaction that I have never experienced before. Re reading my posts never bores me( I must be the biggest self obsessed snob in the whole wide world). When somebody likes or comments on my posts, I am on cloud nine. It’s like a piece of me captured to be immortal!!A piece of my thought let loose from captivity!!

I don’t know if what I write makes any sense or if it is even worth all my time. But it makes me happy.What people doesn’t do to get happiness !! And see I am getting it for free.

I don’t know if I would have enjoyed writing if it was my profession. Since I have no rules to follow or no lines marking my boundaries or no one in particular to impress, its an exhilarating , liberating feeling. Like pulling the cork and letting my thoughts and ideas flow, all those thoughts that had been left caged within me even before I was born :).

In my opinion, everybody should write, or play some instrument, or paint, or click photos, or sing or dance or do anything creative that they enjoy. An addiction that makes them happier, for which they are happy to  give up their comforts and routines.

I have always envied writers before, now I envy them more!!


10 thoughts on “My blogging addiction

  1. I am falling in love with blogging too… Great read.. especially ‘My husband has threatened to file domestic abuse against me as I am bugging him to read my posts all the time.’ Poor Husband 😛 😛 The cons of having a blogger wife I guess 😉

    But honestly, I guess it is the passion that we share for writing that makes all the difference 🙂 And yes, hitting the publish button is no less that temporary nirvana 😉

  2. It felt like reading my own mind. 🙂 I have only been actively into blogging for the last 9 months and I must admit, though my posts might be bugging people, it is a great stress-reliever and anti-depressant to me. I have never felt so happy, excited, and relaxed, all at the same time. I didn’t know how to describe the feeling. But glad that you did it. We indeed are of a different species.;-) Happy Blogging! 🙂

    1. Different kind of species …:)…..that’s a good justification for our obsession….I have read your posts and am in love with many of them…I loved the one you wrote about Child labour and the salt and pepper…Kudos….Happy blogging to you too…. 😀

    1. May be it’s because I am relatively new to this whole thing.I would say only 2-3 months…..I had tried writing quite few time before and had not proceeded beyond one or two posts..this time,looks like I have got the momentum :)…so I know very well about letting stories run in heads… :D…Praveen ,its time to get addicted and let the stories flow …..

  3. hahah tell me about it 😛 last night i woke up at around 12 just to come back and write a little and then went back to sleep 😛 hubby thinks i’ve lost it and keeps telling i should take a break 😛

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