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My little monster :)

I look for my daughter.I see her hopping around the house,throwing random toys around, spilling milk everywhere in the process, her half eaten chapati and untouched curry lies forgotten in her little plate. She had , a while ago, decided that shoes and chappals did not look very good on our shoe stand and had spread them up in a line on the kitchen floor.I let the chappals decorate my kitchen floor for sometime and begin typing  a new blog post.

I see her pull a chair to the refrigerator and now she is opening the freezer door for some ice cream. I run and shoo her away and she looks at me in surprise. Perhaps she thinks eating ice cream at any time is her birthright. How ever she gets down the chair and sits on the bean bag, her arms folded, sulking. When I don’t pay attention, I hear a sniff.Again, I choose to ignore.

She soon forgets about the ice cream and have now proceeded to knock off something in the bathroom.I don’t know what is going on, so I have no other choice but to bolt for the bathroom. I see all the ear buds lying on the bathroom floor and she is trying to put one up her nose. I When I ask her what she was doing she defensively answers that she was trying to clean her nose.I stack the ear buds back, not sure whether to throw them off or if I could re use them.

I come back and sit on the couch, ordering her that she can not go to the bathroom without my permission. After a minute she comes and tells me that she wants to do “Shee shee” and I end up taking her back to the bath room. Her hygiene consciousness doesn’t allow her to leave the bath room with out washing her hands thoroughly and she happily plays with the soap under the tap water. I patiently wait for two minutes and after that decide her hands are cleaner than they had ever been.

Then she drags her baby doll and I hear her mutter things  like “Good Job” , “I am going to close it” ,”Let me see” etc. I am not sure what she is doing , but it brings a smile to my face. The whole playing lasts for less  than two minutes and i can hear her running towards me, her anklet-tinkling  announcing her arrival.

She now wants to sit on my lap and wants to see what I am doing. I awkwardly try to type with her on my lap and she occasionally points the letters for me on the keyboard. She loses interest after a minute and tells me she wants to see ‘Mickey Mouse cartoon’. I tell her I am working  and she gives me one of her sing song Whys.I offer her no answer ,give her a kiss and  suggest her to read her book. She likes the idea of the book and goes off. I return to my post ,but she immediately comes back with her “Did you see my Mommy ” book. She now wants me to read the book to her.I read the book in a hurry and she complains that my animations are not lively enough. “Not like that..Mooo..see like this” she tries to make me understand.

She suddenly notices that there is no light outside and solemnly declares that its time for sleep. Her ‘time to sleep’  actually indicates at least an hour long session of story telling, occasional tickling games and a long pretend play time with her being Mommy and me being the baby or her being the doctor and me the patient. I sigh and get up, hoping she would sleep soon so that I can come back and start my incredible post.But alas, I sleep before she does!! 🙂

Free Write on  Write Tribe…Confession : this  took more than fifteen minutes as I was interrupted more than once 🙂


29 thoughts on “My little monster :)

  1. i havent got there yet 😀 but i was just imagining how my mum always describes how i was when i was a kid and reading about ur daughter just reminded me of all that 😀 it is just so cute 🙂 really like the way u describe all of it 🙂

    1. :):)…That’s why the post is only about the source of the distraction,…..She so hates when I sit in front of the laptop..she cups my face and turns it towards her and whines..”Look at me”….Thanks for stopping by yet again:)

  2. That is so sweet. Yesterday only I was thinking that my son ihas grown up so fast. Just two years back I used to carry him to nursery and today he holds my hands and shows me the way 🙂

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