Secret Friend



I have a secret !!

But you have to first promise me not to tell anyone.Promise?? Sure??

Okay…hmmmm…here it comes…!!

I have a secret friend. No one knows about her, only me!!

Do you believe me? You do?? Thanks a lot!! I was really scared you would tell me that she is a pretend.

Well she is not, pretend or imaginary I mean.

She lives in the lush green enchanted woods, just a few blocks away from the faraway tree. You know the faraway tree right?? Yes the very one!! She doesn’t live in the faraway tree because its very noisy up there, with all kind of queer people climbing up and down to see the lands, and she is not so fond of the saucepan Man. He is so jittery, she says!

I first saw her on a moonless black night. Her skin was a shade of glowing blue and I thought she was a star that fell down. But she was not, you know her skin glows in the night. That’s how she can fly in the dark and no one sees her unless she wants them too. Isn’t that cool? She won’t even need an invisibility cloak 🙂

What? Her name? I actually don’t know, she has asked me to call whatever I want and I call her Tara !! Yeah right because I first thought she was a Tara, a star. She is a great company , you know. She keeps me entertained for hours. She tells me stories from places far and wide. She has lots of friends – fairies, wizards, witches, animals, birds and a dozen of kids like me.  But she is a bit short tempered. She turns red when she gets mad. Just like Tinkerbell!! Yeah..I think its funny too 🙂

Of course  she knows magic. I am surprised that you even asked that! And she don’t even need a magic wand. She knows all the spells, even the unforgivable curses. No, she doesn’t use it .Why? Why because its bad. Only bad people use those.

One day , you know, she turned my old T shirt to a beautiful purple gown. It was the prettiest thing I had ever seen, with golden buttons and all. Sorry..but i can’t show it to you..the magic wore off when the clock stroke twelve.

You know what she has for a pet? Oh please…’s not a dog for God’s sake.Its a Unicorn cub…a very pretty silver unicorn. She calls it Bess, because it’s beautiful mane reminds her of her oldest friend Bess. Bess, you see, was an inn keepers daughter and had the most wonderful cascade of black hair. Tara recalls how she  had taught  Bess to  plait dark red love knots into her hair. Bess loved a highway man and the saddest thing happened to her. She , one day,had to die to save him, the highway man. Tara was away on a trip to Hogwards  on that day and couldn’t save her it seems. She still cry when she talks about Bess.

What?Are you kidding. Somebody wrote a poem on Bess?? I had no idea..nor did Tara.How touched she would be to hear about it!!May be I will tell her when she visits next. can’t meet her. She doesn’t meet people unless she wants to. May be I will try telling her, I think she might like you. But , she you see, don’t like older people a lot. But I will try. I promise you that.

You still believe me , right?? Yeah..I know, was just checking!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


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