Truly Alive

“How many more days?” her voice was barely audible. The doctor looked uncomfortable.
“How many more days, doctor?” this time her voice was stronger.
“We can’t tell for certain. May be 4 months, may be 6, at the most a year”
She felt a sudden jolt of weightlessness.There will be no more rat races, no more struggling. Just a few more days.
She felt free, everything around her looked lively and beautiful. She had been too busy to notice them.The air felt fresher. She for once noticed the glitches of emotions on other’s faces.She at last felt truly alive !!

100 words on Saturday at Write Tribe prompt of ‘Truly Alive’


22 thoughts on “Truly Alive

  1. Sad yet beautiful. My aunt had been diagnosed with liver cancer early this year. We were really shocked and it took us sometime to accept that she just has a few months more. But she is taking each stride so positively, so full of life, like she is truly alive! Your post reminded me of her….thank you!

  2. Such a beautiful post, sometimes it takes a jolt to wake us all up to our realities. You have brought that out very well in this post.

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