My little Joys


May be I will watch a movie

A touching love story?

may be I will cry and laugh

And then forget the plot real fast.


With a cup of coffee in my hand

May be I will see the rain fall

A few drops I may catch in my palm

And sprinkle them aimlessly around


Or shall I rather snuggle up on my couch?

Reading a book, the one I like the most?

Finding new meanings and words

As I swim through those familiar phrases.


May be i will read my baby a story

Pausing to answer all her musings

May be I will jump around with her

Playing one of her favorite songs


May be i will call an old friend

And talk about something under the sun

Just to discover how the days and distances

had not cast a shadow on the bond.


May be I will cook something new

And smile at the guarded look on his face

Eat together and then go on a long drive

Listening to some good old songs.


May be will I chat with my sister

And tell her how she’s still my little girl

And watch her throw tantrums with a smile

Realizing with relief that somethings never change.


May be I will watch my parents

Pamper my little one for a while.

May be I will tell them for once

how much I miss them these days.


may be I will look at some old snaps

And laugh out loud on how awkward I look

Or shall i go for a walk in the rain

forgetting to put my raincoat on?


May be I will do this or may be that

And I will cherish all these simple joys

May be I will run out of time  one day

But till then I’l do something I love


9 thoughts on “My little Joys

  1. what a simple yet meaningful write up . Why are we afraid to chase to our dreams& fulfill our desires . Even sometimes we forget to cherish the simple joys of life . Well written . Cheers 🙂

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