Not so smart

“Tip Tip Tap Tap”
“Tip Tip Tap Tap”
The meticulous typing sound kept her company in the otherwise silent night.
She finished pressing on the send button and glanced up the ceiling sighing dreamily.
Her phone hissed and she quickly averted her eyes to the screen.A hint of smile crossed her lips and she continued her tips and taps.
“Ouch…” The sound startled her.She looked around in caution.
Was her Mom up? She did not want another round of vicious exchange with her.
She slowly raised herself from her bed and walked towards her bedroom door. She paused for a second and slowly opened the door. The house was as silent as it could be,
except for the noisy hum of the refrigerator.
Shaking her head she closed her door ,went back to her bed and resumed typing.
You don’t have to dab me this hard non stop
She jumped and almost dropped her phone.
She again looked around, her eyes wide.
Well..its me your phone
Her eyes immediatly darted to her mobile phone.She almost expected to see it sprout a face.But it looked nothing unusual.The screen showed her half typed text.But she did hear
a sound , didn’t she. She kept staring at it when she unmistakably heard a misty voice come from it
It sounded more or less human.
You should give me more rest you know.Its 3 in the morning.I hardly get any rest, you have an alarm set for 5:30.I know you have no intention to get up.But you keep snoozing till 8
She almost threw her phone on the bed and edged away.
“You…you talk?” she stammered.
I am not supposed to. But you mistreat me so much that you left me no option
She narrowed her eyes and kept staring.
You should treat me fair or else I would shut myself off
“What makes you think I mistreat you?” She muttered.
What makes me think…oh should be asking what doesn’t make me..take for instance this stupid case you put me in.
This made her forget her apprehension. Stupid case huh? It was such a pretty case. She had personally decorated it with design stickers. All her friends oohs and aahs
around it.
” This is the best you can dream of.I have to keep you hidden from my friends you know. You are old. You are outdated.
God knows how I cringe when my friends pull out their galaxy s4s and iphones. You suck and now you tell me i mistreat you”
“I suck ?” It sounded little shrilly “I can text. I let you talk through me. I take pictures.I play music and video and you don’t even charge me everyday?You are a thankless
She gave a mock laugh.”I take pickures” she mimicked.”Well you have a vga camera. I can’t even make out who’s picture it is.And song and video.You are as useless as you can be.
You have no clarity and your loud speaker is as good as dead. Now you shout at me, but you barely whisper when I play the songs.And and you are not even touch…”
“ want me to be touch.?..this is not happening.I though you would apologise for mistreating me and now you compare me with ‘the touchs’.Well then listen.I think they
are stupid.Did you hear me?They are not as half good as me and even if they were better what would you do with a touch? You pelted me so hard yesterday that I blacked out for 5 minutes.No touch would sustain that
severe blow.And what did I do, simply forgave you and went about my job”
She remember throwing off her phone yesterday, when her Mom had irritated her about something.The battery had come out and she was scared she wouldn’t be able to fix it.
“And about your case. It hate it.I hate its pink color, its stickers and its rubbery texture. It looks so cheap.I feel hot sitting inside it.
And if you think I am no good why don’t you stop using me. The last time I had a good time was when your Mom locked me in the cupboard for two days.Imagine how much my life
sucks if I preferred shutting myself in a cupboard?Look at my keypad, its almost eroded and how many times have you dropped me off?I have lost the count”
“Well serves you good.I will shut you up as long as you want.Did you hear me? Now don’t let me hear your voice agian or I will pull out your battery for good.No
wifi, no decent browser. I will get an Android phone and dump you off as fast as you can.Stop acting smart-you are not even a smart phone”
Well I know you would.You humans are thankless and mean. How easily you forger. The hours you dabbed on my keypad pouring out your secrets. Hours you spend talking when I 
had become hot with fatigue.Hours I played songs for you when you were sad. Hours you played games on me dabbing me harder.And now you want me to dump you for
 smart phone huh? You call yourself human but you lot are heartless emotionless creatures.”
She felt so mad and she threw away the phone. the battery dislodged and it lay there on the floor quite and blacked out
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