Moral Science -1

Moral Science was a controversial subject in Kiran’s school. The school, being run by a Hindu trust, had tried to force the subject on the students as Religious studies. The Moral Science hour for all classes initially had a ‘Bramachari’ clad in yellow dhoti and kurta taking class on Gita and other hindu epics. This caused quite a turmoil among the parents of the kids from other religion, which constituted around 50 percent of the total school student strength. ‘Vidya Mandir’ ,being academically and infra-structurally the best school in the locality ,had students from all possible religions and social structures despite of its religious orientation. The management in the end had to bow their head to  PTA and from then Moral Science remained a secret joke. The class teacher of the respective classes were given the responsibility of the subject and the weekly hour for Moral Science was usually spend as a revising hour or as a substitute hour for subjects with unfinished syllabuses during end of the terms and  as games periods or reading hours on less busier days.

In the new academic year Kiran’s class had a new class teacher named Maria Eepen. The school management, though was a Hindu trust, had no constraints on their staff’s religion and was very efficient in their staff recruitment. They made sure the school had the best faculty and facility and often had some good teachers retired from government schools and colleges in their faculty list.Maria Eepen was an retired middle school teacher and was 56, and definitely looked her age. She taught Science and was a very soft spoken person. Kiran and his classmates had loved her the instant  she stepped in to the class wearing a contagious smile which reflected in all their faces.

(to be continued….)


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