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Couch Potato

I am a couch potato and my idea of perfect day is the one with heavy rain, myself lying on an over size couch with fluffy pillows, drinking a steamy cup of coffee and watching a movie or reading a book…wow…doesn’t it sound great?

Yet another thing that I love to do is chat.I miss all those late night chats we used to have at the hostel .Or the sleepovers that I used to have at my friends’ place.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t like going out..I do like going out once in a while provided there are no strict schedules or timelines and I am comfortable :)…I am not of that kind who thinks a day spend at home doing nothing is a day wasted…I am not that adventurous kind of person who would give anything to do  bungee jumping or sky diving..I don’t know if I would do any of those reckless things given an opportunity..(I might but I am sure someone might have to push me in the last moment, I certainly won’t have the courage to jump on my own).As a child I had motion sickness, even a short ride in bus/car would leave me gagging and sick.As I grew up I got better and I do like going on long drives when it drizzles listening to some melodies nowadays. I can manage to go on some medium rides in the amusement parks, but dangerous pendulums and free falls turns me off..I owe this to both the motion sickness and to the fear,an integral part of me.

Back to where I started, I am a natural at being a couch potato.I have to be persuaded and forced to go out.I have never been to a pub or a disco, even when I had the chance. I haven’t done much of hiking or travelling.I don’t know how to swim and am not very fond of crowded beaches.I do like to sit and watch the waves on a not too crowded shore.But I won’t be amongst those who swim and surf.

So did I sound like a bore?I did?May be I am.God has created each one differently.May be he made me a couch potato. I have no complaints 🙂


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