Happy day


Last Thursday was a wonderful day. I got up at 7 in the morning and felt too lazy to go to work.I sometimes feel that i am still a kid wanting to bunk the school.So I got up feeling all lazy and cozy and decided to do the needful..the bunk ..:)…I called up my boss and told him I will not be in the office for the day.I had quit my full time position  three months back and now am working as a contractor.So bunking office essentially means not getting paid…but there are some remarkable days when you feel money is not worth it…:)…my hubby , A, looked at me with disgust and told me I was wasting a day and I could take off on some other day for a more useful reason..blah blah…who cares..(I know he was just being jealous because he couldn’t bunk…he had a release coming up and was staying up all night and all…poor him…no wonder he felt bitter.)So I slept till 11, cuddling my 3 year old daughter K . Then we had our breakfast at 11 and watched Tinkerbell, our all time favorite. After these fruitful moments and eating last nights left overs , we went out and I had a good woman to woman talk (all interesting facts about husbands..no gossiping..)with the ladies next doors when k played with the kids. I came back, with K still playing out and enjoyed some very hard to get all alone time, when i read a few blogs, scanned the facebook walls and updated the profile and cover picture…(I even got 30 plus likes yay..:)…I mean it doesn’t matter but..well nothing..)..

The total bunking thing recharged me and I felt very happy.In the evening after A returned we went grocery shopping.I was pleasantly surprised when A placed a chocolate ice cream family pack in the cart…(he generally gives lectures about how much sugar and cholesterol it has per serving….).Thus I wrapped up my day with two(or three,may be 4) scoops of delicious ice cream…

May be I should do this bunking more often…:)


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