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Facebook Birthdays

I hate Facebook birthday reminders.

No I am not being one of those intellectual people who complains Facebook is a waste of time. In fact I love Facebook…..especially in the gossip deprived post-married-with- kids  phase, its a boon. I love looking at others posts and photos ,keeping me update with what is happening in all their lives…nowadays when I call my friends from college once in a while we always have one or other conversation containing the phase ..”Did you see xx’s post about blah blah….?/” I know when one of my college mates  is getting married, when an ex colleague changes job, when someone have a kid I get to see the photo, I know where my colleagues went on the weekend, who beat whom in candy crush, I even get to know where my neighbor ate lunch today..I get to show A how bad husband he the photo of the gift my one of the other friend’s husband gave her on her birthday or anniversary…”hah..lucky girl” I used to exclaim…(and A always bounces back with the mention of the chain he had given me before wedding, 5 years back..I know ,but I have to put up with this).

To sum up Facebook means a lot of entertainment and they have correctly named it news feed…

Back to where I started..I hate the birthday reminders…Back in school and college I was one of those kinds who always remembered birthdays and felt good about it…After we got the phone connection ,I was like “Am I the first to call ” type who used to sit till 12 am to wish somebody…When somebody wished me on my birthday I used to feel special that that person cared enough to remember that it was my birthday..but well birthday reminders spoils it all..even your neighbor’s third cousins wife’s  uncle in your friends list knows its your birthday and posts a “happy birthday” on your wall…and you have to promptly like it or reply back a “Thank You”…well it takes out all the purpose of birthday wishes, the idea of feeling special…Facebook reminds you that is XYZs birthday…and tells you that ABC and UVW has wished her and nowadays even suggests that you give her 5$ Starbucks card…so generous of it…

I don’ t get the chance to tell my friends they are special for me by remembering their birthdays..because hello…even their lift mate did that…they would probably think I just saw the reminder…

Last year I changed my settings to hide my birthday details so that no one gets this miraculous reminder of the great day..(I know very mature behavior isn’t it) .But one of my very good friend remembered and ended up wishing me on my wall(…which was as good as birthday reminder….)I wish one day this reminder feature crashes and once again birthday wishes becomes special..

(If you think this reminder had helped you from life threatening crisis like forgetting your girlfriend’s birthday or your marriage anniversary then see that’s the were not supposed to forget in the first place  :)…)


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