Darken your dreams dear friend, for you don’t deserve any hope

Kill all the joys you cherish, for you are doomed to grieve

Throw open your wounded heart and let your tears flow

Hurt yourself as you have hurt me, and watch the pain grow

Stand alone amidst the crowd, helpless and betrayed

Glance at the chains on your legs and never pull through

Curse the world, curse your soul, and relish the solitude

Hate yourself as you have hated me, and feel the bitterness within

Take all the pain which comes to you; weep all the way to hollowness

Carry all the burdens on your shoulders; don’t ever care to share

Walk with your heads bowed; never dare to look into my eyes

Humiliate yourself as you have humiliated me, and understand what it means

I was always there besides you….you never came to me

I responded to your cries…but you never seemed to hear

My heart was out there for you….Feeling your pain

You never understood me; now don’t dare to call me your friend


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