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Why confused


Who am I??and what am I supposed to write about…

I am not a politically aware person nor am I an expert of any kind. I wonder what should i talk about? and who will be remotely interested i what I have got to say!! I am just another confused soul..confused about everything..personality as a clay ..molded and re molded…influenced and re influenced….mind ,once a plain white a confused a caricature of different colors..different shapes…Confused…Confused is the word…

I am not being philosophical…but isn’t confused the best word to describe humanity…all other species seem to know what they want from life…food, water, shelter, company, sex and reproduction, just live the life,create younger ones and teach them to live..its pretty simple….like for the salmon fishes..they know what their life trajectory is…born in a lake..move out to sea to live the major portion of the life…come back to birth place to reproduce and die…(except of course their might be unexpected adventures like end up on a human dining table)..but its simple…but humans are most confused….confused about what their life is all about..if there is a life after death….if there is life in between lives…contradicting each others.. criticizing each other…and getting more confused in the process…may be we are engineered to be confused..May be that was a part of our makers that we don’t get too clever and figure out everything about everything…so as I said I am the confused human…like most of others…. :)and may be I will rant my confused thoughts here….


I would love to know what you thought....

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